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Half Day Camp: 9am-12pm

Full Day Camp: 9am-4:30pm

Campers can arrive as early as 8:30am. Pick up time is 12pm for Half Day Campers and 4:30pm for Full Day Campers. Players may warm up even before the day actually begins at 9am. Students will learn all the strokes to play their game each and everyday. Instruction and match play are offered. With lots of shade provided by trees nearby break time will be given as often as needed. 

I have a huge jug that I will fill with ice water daily for refills. Lunch is included in the Full Day Camp.

Summer Camp Week 6: July 29-Aug 2

  • What To Bring:

    Please bring a tennis racket. Each player should also bring a good size water bottle & a handtowel. Sunscreen is recommended.

  • Medical Information

    If we should know about any allergies or medical information, please email us at

  • Single Days

    Suzanne offers a single day ($100) or half day ($45) for any of her camps, please reach out to her directly: 610-609-6068 if interested.

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